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St. John’s Helps the Homeless 

   In December, the congregation of St. John’s helped protect homeless people in the Lehigh Valley from winter’s cold.     

      Now we are helping to feed them during winter’s worst storms.

     The kitchen at the Lehigh Conference of Churches in Allentown feeds about 1,500 homeless people every week — three meals a day, five days a week.

   But that kitchen cannot operate when blizzards, ice storms or other winter weather make city streets impassable.

   To ensure people don’t go without food during those times, whenever winter storms are in the forecast, LCC sends teams into local homeless camps to distribute emergency food rations to help them until its kitchen can reopen. 

    Once again, our congregation is helping to provide those food supplies with our blizzard bags mission throughout January and February.

   Cash donated will be used by members of St. John’s missions committee to promptly purchase food and deliver it to the LCC office in Allentown. Those deliveries will be made several times during the coming weeks. Checks should be made out to St. John’s, but designated for LCC blizzard bags. 

    If you prefer, you can help by purchasing needed items on the list below and bringing them to the narthex in St. John’s.    

     For breakfasts, the LCC requests: 

• Dry cereal

• Granola/Breakfast bars

• Fruit cups

• Dry milk pouches

• Instant coffee

• Bottled water

• Juice boxes

   For lunches and dinners, it requests: 

• Chicken/tuna packets

• Easy open soup cans

• Individual bags of chips

• Beef jerky

• Trail mix

• Fruit cups

• Oranges

• Wrapped pastries

• Candy bars

• Juice boxes

    The missions committee is grateful for your continued generous support to help homeless people get through the winter. 

  Wasn’t it heart-warming to watch that pile of gifts for the homeless keep growing on and under our narthex Christmas tree throughout December?  

     Our members’ generous response to that Sharing Christmas Warmth mission was absolutely amazing. 

     We received winter hats, heavy socks, scarves, blankets, coats, gloves,  toothbrushes and other clothing, toothbrushes and personal care items — even some for babies. 

     All those much-needed supplies were packed up at the end of the month and delivered to the Conference of Churches on Jan. 9 for prompt distribution to homeless people facing a harsh winter in outdoor encampments right here in the Lehigh Valley. 

    In addition, at least $400 in cash was donated to this mission by members of our congregation. That money has been used to purchase four tents, four sleeping bags, five tarps, plus headlamps and gloves for the homeless.

    We can’t end homelessness. But at least we are trying to help make the lives of these unfortunate people more bearable during these coldest months of the year.