2022 Committee List, Chairpersons and Members

Altar Guild – Sue Smullin, Chairperson
The Altar Guild enhances the worship experience by preparing the Communion Elements, caring for the chancel paraments, creating visual reinforcement of the message, providing seasonal decoration and other creative activities.

Board of Christian Education – John Hill, Chairperson
The Board of Christian Education (BOCE) administers the Christian Education ministry for children and adults. This includes Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.

Budget & Finance – Open, Chairperson
The Finance Committee manages the financial resources of the church, prepares an annual budget and assists the Stewardship Committee in raising awareness of our need to support God's church.


Building & Property – Marty Beers & Tom Gable, Co-Chairpersons
The Property Committee is charged with the maintenance and upgrading of our physical buildings and surrounding grounds. 

By Laws – Paul Knappenberger, Chairperson 

Consistory – 
The Consistory is the governing body of the Congregation.  This group of four (4) Elders and eight (8) Deacons are elected by the Congregation to serve two-year terms.  They are charged with overseeing and coordinating the ministry and mission of the church.

Decorating – Sue Smullin, Chairperson 

Eucharistic Ministry – Paul Knappenberger, Advisor 

Evangelism – Angie Dillman, Chairperson

Executive – Consistory Officers 

Fund Raising – Kim Ike, Coordinator
The Fund-Raising Committee plans and implements creative fund-raising activities to support the capital expenditures of the church.

Hospitality – Nancy Wieder, Chairperson 

Insurance – Richard Dillman, Chairperson 

Kitchen – Don Kaufman, Chairperson 

Lutheran & Reformed Cemetery – Glenn Deischer, Liaison 

Mission – Linda Roosa Chairperson
Feeding the hungry, responding to natural disasters, caring for the needy and exploring ways to benefit the environment are just a sampling of the issues focused on by the mission committee of St. John’s. The committee organizes a variety of missions generously supported by St. John’s congregation throughout the year. They include helping homeless people in the Lehigh Valley, purchasing blankets for people in need around the world, making and filling school bags for children in other countries, supporting the Emmaus food bank, and providing materials to help young mothers and their newborns

Nominating Committee – Richard Dillman, Chairperson 

Office & Personnel – Craig Demmy, Chairperson; Karl Geschwindt

Security & Safety – Richard Dillman, Chairperson 

Special Gifts – John Zayaitz, Chairperson 

Spiritual Council – 

Stewardship – Deacons 

Under shepherd Ministry – Nancy Wieder, Chairperson 

Website – Angie Dillman, Chairperson

Worship & Music – Open